Can't see photo after upload

Hey why can’t I see my photo after upload it? Please help!

Hi @posbyn :wave: :wave:

Check whether did you set the image from the database. Like current post> Image.

Thank you :innocent:

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Hey I try but it’s still not working :frowning: can you help?

Hi @posbyn :wave: :wave:

So for uploading are you using the form component or a custom form?

When you upload a image does the image saves in the Database? I mean when you upload a image and when you open your Database can you see the image that you uploaded?

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Hey thanks for your reply.

Yes when I upload the image in the Database I can see the image. But when I saved then preview it wasn’t loaded :frowning:

Did you set the image component to Database > current item> image.

Like for a example let’s say there’s a posts collection and the image is a list of posts and the image component is Database > Current Post > Image ( The image property)


It works! Haha you are amazing!

Can you have me with this one?

Here my database:

I’m making a language app. It has 4 skills. I made a list on the home screen (the first one). When clicking on the button it will jump into the right skills. For the screen listening list, I want to play a video on youtube it but I can’t link the data on Listening Database. It just has this one and it’s not working. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks a lot!

Hi @posbyn,

The YouTube video component only accepts URLs formatted like{videoId} or{videoId}, it won’t accept image URL’s. :slight_smile:


So you have to copy the URL of that video and paste it in the field that you have to put the URL.

And if you want to add the URL from the Database ( Different videos for different items) Create a text property and add the URL of that video. And go and add from the Magic text Current Item> That created text property.


Like this.

Thank you

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Hey thank you so much I can do it :smiley: Thanks a lot!

If you don’t mind I face another problem. I create a database called Reading which has 4 records.
I create a screen to display like this

Then I connect the data to the list like that
But then when I preview it shows listening list instead of reading list?

Do you why I have that problem? Hope to hear you soon!

Your welcome

So you have set the reading collection to the Simple list and you have set the listening collection to the Image list. So go to the screen that have the simple list.

And if you have any questions again create a new topic.

Thank you

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