Adding team members to accounts

What is everything someone can do when you add them as a Team Member in the Team & Billing section? I know to allow them access to particular apps that you also need to add them there but looking to see what privileges are granted when solely adding as a team member and nothing else.

I looked through the docs and the forum but didn’t see an answer to this.

Purpose of asking, the components in the nocodemonkey store look very useful, especially the Device Detector, but it looks like the only way to currently use them is to add one of their team members, doesn’t have to be added to a specific app. So, this suggests to me that a team member on the account can add components and I’m wondering what else is permitted for a team member.

Thank you.

The team member can create new apps under your team name, and edit (and perhaps delete) apps where you have assigned them to. They shouldn’t see apps that you didn’t assign them to, even if they are in your team.

Nocodemonkey will add the component to your ‘team’, and so you can use that component on any apps under your account. If you work on someone else’s app, you won’t be able to use that component, as it is under your account.

Once Nocodemonkey have installed the component for you, you can remove them as a member of your team. I wouldn’t worry about Nocodemonkey having access, I also have a component from them, that’s just the way they are able to offer private components.

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Thanks for the quick response. Sounds good.

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