Adding video to an app

Hi! Anyone know how to add a video to an app? I’m trying to build a workout app that I can assign my clients their workouts and either have an option to play the exercise video directly on screen as they go through the workout, or have it linked to my YouTube. I’ve tried the embed YouTube tutorial, but it does not work. Thanks for any help.

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Hi! Tomorrow there is a big launch of the component marketplace and within those custom components, there will be a Youtube video component which will allow you to add videos very easily.

I hope this will fix your issues and I’m looking forward to seeing your app!

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Waiting for it curiously. Hopefully can links videos which comes through APIs as well.

Ok Thank you Colin. Is there going to also be a release of a tutorial on how to implement this along with the component launch?

I doubt, but it will be as easy as adding pictures. Self explanatory.

There is no way for now. You can use gifs as your video, but there won’t be any audio. Hope to see your app soon

There is a video component, so you can upload your videos online, and enter the link

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