Adding your web app to Zapiers Platform

Hi all,

I just created my forum account to post this, however I have been a long time reader of all the great forum posts and information here.

My question is: does anyone know if it is possible to actually add your web app to Zapiers marketplace of all their integrated apps.

I am very familiar with Zapier and also Adalo now, however I am not at all familiar with the process of integrating your app into zapier (like Adalo has). Its somewhat a strange request as I imagine most, if not all, apps integrated with zapier have been built natively with code and not on a no-code platform. So I’m just wondering if Adalo’s api features and possibilities even allow for authentication of this nature.

I hope i have explained my thoughts well enough and If no one knows, thats totally fine, I thought I would go straight to asking for help before spending days trying to work it out myself this time haha

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