Zapier, adalo and jotform

Hello, I was wondering if anybody is using jotform with adalo and zapier? I’ve set up a form and connected it with adalo through zapier. It works just about but I’m having an issue with the collections in adalo. I’ve set up a new collection to store the information from jotform. When I’ve set up the zapier end it sends a test record to adalo and to the collection I’ve set up which it brilliant but when I go and fill out the form it stores the information in adalos users collection not the one I’ve set for this. Does anyone use jotfrom or zapier that could talk me through the steps?

It sounds like you have the zapier side set up incorrectly which is why it is sending it to the user collection instead of the one you want.

Can you post a screenshot of your Zap set up?

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