Admob banner doesn't stay in the center of the page

As I wrote in the title, I have problems keeping the banner in the center of the page, in the bilder it is perfectly in the center but when I try it with the emulator it is displayed moved to the right and not in the centre. I also tried wrapping it in a rectangle but it doesn’t change anything… help

Yes, that happens in preview, but it’s centered in the native app.

Thanks for the help, I have an even bigger problem with the interstitial size (it’s completely moved)… can this also be solved in the native app?

I’ve never used interstitial unfortunately

Hello, as @afonso has mentioned, in the native app the ad will be centered. Concerning the interstitial ad, can you please provide more information about this issue?

Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-04-19 22.13.58

Have you tried the interstitial ad on the native app version or only on the web version?

Thank you!

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