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I see that I’m able to integrate AdMob into my app using Adalo’s ready-to-use AdMob component available in the marketplace. However, I’ve just noticed that the component is specifically an AdMob banner. I’ve been looking around, but I can’t seem to find any information about integrating interstitial ads. Can I do this using the AdMob component? If not, can someone give me some guidance or point me in the right direction regarding how I can get interstitial ads working in Adalo?

I’d like to mention, for those of us who rely on advertising as a means of monetizing apps, interstitial ads are absolutely fundamental. They generate up to 10 times more revenue than banner ads. It should be a priority to have a ready-to-use interstitial ad component.

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Hi @Mikhaeel,

I explained a way to achieve something like this here. You could then use the admob component on the screen you are directing to here.

Hey @ben1,

I appreciate your reply. Unfortunately the method you described doesn’t enable interstitial ads because the AdMob component is for banner ads only. It simply allows someone to show banner ads in the format of an interstitial.


Hi @ben1 ,

I can look into creating a component to add support for interstitial ads. Are the existing market place components open sourced?
For example, I see this one for stripe: GitHub - AdaloHQ/example-stripe-component: Simple Stripe Payment Component. Note: This is a simplified version of the stripe component currently available within Adalo.
Having the current admob component’s source code available will make things much easier to add interstitial support.


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