Facebook Audience Network for Adalo

I’m developing the integration of adalo with Facebook Ads, I have some questions about the documentation:

What about the evaluation time so that it can be available in the marketplace since I really need this resource …
I started 2 days ago and it’s already well in advance

Missing some details and also the interstitial addition;

I would like to ask the adalo team if there is a possibility to send the admob plugin to github so that it can serve as a parameter for me.

Another very peculiar doubt is because the adob’s implementation made by the adalo does not have the interstitial or if it was me that I couldn’t find.

I’m new to the adalo, can you answer my questions?

Photos of the integration

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The component is looking good @StudioCriar!

There is a slack channel you can be added to where other developers working on custom components can be found too. Let me know if that is a solution for you.

In the meantime I have alerted the development team to your forum topic and if they are able to, they will respond directly here.

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@anon78309838 Thanks, friend I already joined the slack this will help me :smiley:

@StudioCriar What is your username on slack so that I can add you where necessary.

@anon78309838 y username is Kellvem Barbosa

Just added you now, you should have a notification in slack for it.