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Where are we with interstitial ads? I was told by support that they are not working as intended even though there’s the option in the admob component. Has anyone gotten this to work? Frankly, this is kind of a big deal as it’s one of the primary ways to monetize.

On my end, i have everything approved through google, banking, tax, ads all configured: have the appID and adID plugged into the admob component in adalo… nothing. has ANYONE gotten this to work? what am i overlooking?

Hello, are you testing it from the android or IOS versions?

iOS. published app on the appstore, not even in testflight. i just get a blank white screen

Please make sure your account or ads aren’t blocked on admob because sometimes it can happen if you’re opening the ads without having your phone in the testing devices.

Thank you!

The Admob component works. The problem is that is very old and will be deprecated soon. From what I know, Adalo CX Team will update the component

I’m testing it by clicking on the “display ad” button that I put into my app. I did not release an android version, everything is iOS. So yes, I am testing on the production released version of my app on an iPhone that was downloaded from the App Store.

Okay, please make sure you check these following points :
1- Your account or ads aren’t blocked or disabled inside your Admob account.
2- You haven’t used the same Ad ID in more than one banner.
3- Your device is registered in testing devices inside your Admob account.

Thank you!

Here is the reply from support: Hi Dave,

Thanks for writing in about this.

We are aware of this issue, and our development team is working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

Although we do not have a specific time on when this may get resolved, we will be sure to notify you of any changes in the status of this moving forward.

So which way is it, does this thing work or not?

We can’t know exactly the source of the issue but as they have mentioned in the support reply, they’re aware of the issue and they’ll solve it as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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