AdMob not working after publishing the apps on google play

Hi there,
I’ve published my apps on google play store but problem is that my AdMob not working (I’ve followed all the instructions) but I don’t know what is the problem here.

Anyone here who can help me out.

Hi @fredy,

Can you post a link to your app and explain in a bit more detail what isn’t working with it?

@Colin Thanks for your reply,
Here is the screenshot
AdMob Components

AdMob Components setup

When I preview on the web preview it seems okay but when I make apk and published on Google play store it’s no working.

Have you had someone else also test the apk and it was not working for them too? Are there any settings on your admob account that would not display an ad for some reason?

@Colin Yes I’ve tested with a couple of deferent branded device. All the result are same. if you want I can send you the applink in a DM.

Yes, please send me the link

If you install the APK by itself, outside of installing it from the play store, do you still get the same problem?

Yes @Colin, There are problems with APK by itself, outside of installing it from the play store.

@Colin any about my problem? I’m still stuck.

Unfortunately I am not able to test your app due to country restrictions it would seem. I will see if a colleague is able to assist here.

@Colin Now it is available on your country. plz check and help me out.

Thanks for your reply.

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It seems to still be incompatible with my device.


Perhaps there is something faulty with my device that does not allow this app to be installed. I will check in to this with the team.

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