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Hi. I am new to Adalo and using Udemy course to help me develop basic app using Adalo. The course takes me through building a basic app and I am following along building an app at the same time. In one tutorial it shows that when clicking a simple list on a screen there should be an option under Advance Options to create an action On Press. However, this On Press options is not showing on my app. How do I correct this?

Here is a screen shot from Udemy showing the On Press function in Advance Options!

Here is the screen shot from my app which shows no On Press function.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MMR ,


You can tag the instructor here, they might know better.

Also, screenshot can come in handy in addition to the explanation.

But, maybe what you want is the right icon enable, so you can see icon + to create action.

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Thanks Yongki. will include screen shot if your suggestion doesn’t work.


Here are the screen shots showing the problem.

Hope you can help me sort this out.

Your first screenshot probably from old version of Adalo editor, right now, it is called Click Actions, and this is just label.

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thanks. Much appreciated.


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