Custom component - nothing happen on click action


I am building my first custom component, and I added an action on my list.

"props": [
      "name": "listItems",
      "displayName": "Select list items",
      "type": "list"
      "name": "onPress",
      "displayName": "Click Actions",
      "type": "action"

I configured the action on Adalo but nothing happen on click. Do I miss something?

Thank you

this seems correct, the issue is in your code.

Thank you.

What do I need to do in my code to get the action work?

The selected action is Back to previous screen

Have you looked at this?

I mean in your code in general an action is written like that

const action = async () => {
const {onPress} = this.props

if (onPress) 
await onPress()

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Thank you, Iā€™m moving forward!

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