Advice needed on how to best configure and load a long chatscreen

Hi there,

I want to load a screen with a chat. To keep a smooth running app, I don’t want to load all messages, but only the last 100 messages for instance.

Currently, I configured it like this:

The problem is that it loads the oldest 100 messages instead of the last 100 messages.
I could change it to:

Problem is then that the newest message is on top of the list. and that’s from UI perspective counterintuitive. Any best practices on how to configure it best?


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Please test with this trick (I dont know if its work)

On your screen settings you have a check box with ‘Reverse Scroll’ and I think that it will work

I had that switched on already. It does the trick that it scrolls down to the last message, but it doesn’t solve the issue of only loading the last 100 messages unfortunately.

I’m open to every other suggestion. Anyone else who has a nice example with a a chat with lots of messages?

Hi @Toms ,

I did something similar with pages messages here,

Thanks for pointing me to that thread @Yongki, unfortunately, there’s also no real performing solution there as well. The ‘chat’ is quite a crucial part of my app and should work with 1000s of messages easily.

I’ve upvoted the request to improve this, but I’m worried it will take too long, which would make me consider other platforms, and my effort so far in Adalo would be a waste. :frowning:

We use the Advanced Chat Template from NoCodeMonkey and it works quite well.
Not sure about how to limit just 100 messages - but from our experience, loading that amount of messages will make the UX pretty bad.

Good one Mohammed. Is it this one?

Hi Toms,

Actually its this one here titled “Chat Template”

Cool! I‘ll check it out. Up to how many messages do you have in a chat?

Never had anything beyond 40-50 messages in total. The chat is usually over by then

Thanks for letting me know Mohammed. I’ll get in touch with Nocodemonkey to learn more about their experiences and the configurability of it.

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