Big data message plugin list I will pay $$$

Simple explanation: I’m looking for a list that only loads the last 50 items on the list and loads the other items when you scroll up

I I’m looking for someone who can build a list plugin that loads only a certain amount of the last messages (like 50). and then load messages as the user scrolls up or if neccesary if a button is clicked. Currently I have a problem with users not being able to cleanly load all of the messages in their groupchat if they have a lot of messages (like 5,000 messages for instance) so I want a plug in or list component that allows only the last 50 or less messages to be visible and only show more messages as users scroll up to see them.

Hi @ufc500 ,

Take a look at this,

Let me know if you change your mind.

By the way, in expert page in Adalo’s website triple $ means at least $ 150 per hour, are you sure ?

has that groupchat figured out how to not send notifications to someone whos already on that page but only send notifications to someone who who’s screen is either closed or is on a different page? and I think I’m about ready to buy the template to see how you figured out lazy loading

also do you have a groupchat that you could add me to with a ton of messages like 100’s or 1,000’s of messages so I can see how well the loading while scrolling works. Right now I’m just auto texting a bunch of messages to a user but this is probubly stupid

my username in the app is

The template is just showing what can be done, if you want to do stress test and see the result, we need to plan ahead and spend sometime about related activities.

About, sending notification related to “On” read status in the current conversation, it is not there yet, as it will need further improvement.

Your requirement will need several steps, as like every completed app should be, this is the hardest part that is overlooked and underestimated, but it seems you try to solve it by triple $.

Let’s discuss about my service in private message.

I’m ready to buy your plugin please check your email you should have recieved a message from me if not send me a message here

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does the like mean you sent an email because I didn’t get one? did you get my email?

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I get your email, will reply soon.

It is just, I am in the middle of something.

sorry take your time

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