Advice on Data Transfer Design


Was hoping to get some advice or thoughts on a potentially better way to send/move data around my app.

What I am trying to do is create a Custom Action that uses the SendGrid Email API to send an email using data from airtable (Airtable collection is an external collection in my adalo app). I’m pretty much just using Adalo as the front-end.

I have a list of ‘products’ in my app from airtable (custom list). I want to send those products (multiple) in a SendGrid email. The SendGrid API requires information from each of those products.

I’m trying to figure out a way to ‘click’ on a product that I want to send → info from that product gets stored somehow/somewhere → I click on a send button → the send button triggers the SendGrid API to send the email using the info that I saved somehow/somewhere.

I can accomplish this by storing everything in multiple text fields that get updated as a click a toggle button connected to each product in the list. BUT it is very messy.

Does anyone know of a way I can accomplish this a bit more easily/with less moving parts?

Thank you!

This is quite advanced indeed.

Your best bet would probably be using Integromat/Make to handle this. I’ve not done this exact setup personally, however, I think the logic should be manageable like this:

Here’s the documentation for connecting:

In integromat, create a scenario where it “watches” records. Add a collection called “Emails” and add the parameters that you need for the email to send (email, message, etc) and add the relationship to the products to the email collection. Do not send the email via custom action, let Integromat/Make handle it.

So once you create an email record in the email collection, you want the scenario to grab all of the data from the new record, then make an API call to grab all of the products for that specific email. You can grab multiple records from this API call.

Then, you’ll be able to add your “send email” action in integromat/make. Insert the product records from the previous step into the email. And send.

Hope that helps :sunglasses: