Send orders by email

How do I get orders sent to an email? How to create contact form that send message by email?

Hi, you have to use Zapier to do so.

You can use a custom action and use sendgrid API. I believe there’s a tutorial on YouTube how to do this.

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@theadaloguy But, how to do you include the connected collections for the order (e.g. menu items for the order)?
Thank you!

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I see the adalo team dont know how to do this either. I am very frustrated with this and nobody seems to know an answer. Did you figure this out in the end?


I figured out how to have a form on my app to be sent to my email address.
I used Integromat (which is free) with Webhooks and Mailgun.

Reply to me or mention me if you want the step by step.

Have a good week.

I also use Integromat, it offers a great cost benefit

@Claudio_Balbino Fact.

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@kofi1981 You can either use Integromat, with a webhook and mailgun or SendinBlue directly with the Custom API settings in your Adalo Project. I will provide instructions step by step if you need.

Hi @lourensvdberg or anyone , please can you provide me information step by step on how to include order items into your order confirmation email?


Does someone has a real solution in the end for the items from one collection?
I have also created a post for this How to send a LIST of selected items per Email? - #2 by ionutilie not knowing about this one…
Thank you!