Advice - Progress bar

Hello, I am sorry, but I am new and this is my first app (I want to make birthday present so this is why I am in hurry :slight_smile: )

So, I want to achieve that when user log in first time, progress bar start to fill up slowly and to finish in 28 days?

I tried to set up count user log in, but it is not working.
Any advice or clone app?

Thanks, and sorry I know that I am boring :smiley:

Hey, @Nemanja!

For the progress value: it has to be the completed days out of the 4-week challenge!

For the Maximum Value: it has to be the days in the 4-week challenge because it is the progress bar is the days completed/out of the whole 4-week challenge!

Also, Happy Birthday to the person you are giving the app to!

Yes I know that, but dont know how to do that :smiley: Thanks!!

Yes I see. Thanks. But the main problem is that I dont know how to count 4weeks, maybe I forgot to put something in my collections. Never mind I will figure it out, thanks!! :slight_smile:

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