Progress bar problem

Hello! I’m coming with a problem. I would like to add a progress bar to see how much time I have until I have to complete the task. At the progress value I add the current time and at the maximum value I add the date when the task must be completed, and the progress bar is almost full although it is a long time until the maximum date. Do you have a solution to this problem?

Hi @alexbarciog,

Progress bar works in a way, that it displays Progress value which is between 0 and Maximum value.

For your case: I suspect, that in case with time, 0 represents Unix start time which is January 1st 1970 at midnight GMT. So that’s why your progress bar is almost full - time difference between 1/1/1970 and today is much larger than between today and max date which you set.

In your case I would recommend to find the way to use relative measures somehow. It’s difficult to give an exact solution without knowing the context and the workflow.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Is there a way I could count the days to a date in the future?

Hi @alexbarciog,

If you have a “Date” or “Date Time” property in a collection, by adding +1 you add one day to its value.

Best regards, Victor.

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