Airtable custom action : OK in editor, nothing in preview


I’ve set a custom action to add a row in a airtable table. This action is correct and successful when tested / run in the custom action editor, but no row added in airtable when the action is triggered in the app (linked to a button which is also updating a local collection).

How can we debug custom action runtime? Because all data provides to the custom action are correct, so I don’t understand why 'lthing happens in the app and airtable in preview or live mode.


Would you please DM me your login email and app ID/Name and ideally a video showing me the action that’s having the issue and we’ll work to get it figured out.

Hey @ashley!
Many thanks for providing help, nevertheless I have changed a bit my app design and I am now using an external collection instead of a custom action. This way, it’s more easy to create / update / delete and using a custom list I can ensure the actions on this external API have been processed correctly on the other end.

Regarding my issue with the custom action, I’d say that one of the field format was not correct, I don’t know… Now latter, now it works like a charm, and it’s even better!