Custom Action Outputs not appearing


I have successfully created a custom action (tested it and can see the outputs - even renamed them), but for some reason, they are not appearing in the magic text.
In my case, the custom action is called “Get Token”.
I also tried doing it on another screen

Would appreciate some help debugging this!


I must also mention that I am using a POST method, if that makes any difference.


Ok, think I found the issue. My custom action was linked to the screen instead of a button.
When I link my custom action to a button, it works!

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Glad you got there so quickly yourself and I just wanted to follow up to say that this is the case. Custom actions attached as a screen action will not be accessible. Only custom actions linked to a button.

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to send emails through sendinblue or sendgrid. I’ve integrated it as a custom action and the test is successful.

After launching it and click on the button to start the action, nothing happens.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?