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I am using external database to load data from AirTable. I found out that it’s possible to filter things with formulas but is it possible to create search input field for the list?

Normal database with relationships it’s easy to create input field but this seems to be more complex.

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This post may help here!

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Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:

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As a TIP already for the great answer given by @dilon_perera, you can also use “FIND” for this. The “SEARCH” will give empty if no results will be found, the “FIND” will return “0” if no results will be found. Choose your flavour :slight_smile:


Thanks for this information :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create button for sort a newest to oldest items?

Yes, you can use for this the sort from Airtable. I did something similar in the past.

I used:

  • Input text field (Where it will be triggered by the button)
  • 2 buttons. One I choose newest to oldest, other I choose oldest to newest

In the Airtable List, you will need to add a couple more things in the QUERY Parameter

the field you would like to sort, in your case then the “CREATED DATE” for example

In my case I chose to filter by the field “ID

Add “sort[0][field]” and then your date field

then another parameter with sort[0][direction]

And as you can see I have an input text field “Input 2” where I added by default the value “asc”, if not Airtable will give empty results.

I added then click action in the button ASC if pressed to change input value to ASC and in the DESC to “DESC”

As you can see ASC gives 1,2,3


Desc, 3,2,1


As an extra, you could apply same principle to the “field”. You could also add an input field and then more buttons, to allow the user to choose if to filter by “Name”, “Date”, “ID” and so on, and not just by a fixed defined field. Hope it was clear :slight_smile:

PS - Don’t forget to hide the input text field from the users.


Thanks! I will try that out later today.

Didn’t work out. :thinking: It doesn’t show anything when I use those filters.

EDIT: Not sure what’s happening but the search input field which I created earlier stopped working and is messed up too. Will try tomorrow again.

Addition to the great reply by @JL_LJ!

This 2 posts may help here you too! : Dropdown custom sort filter - #4 by dilon_perera , Filtering Alphabetically with Airtable (not sorting) - #2 by dilon_perera

Adalo Docs : Sorting Airtable Lists - Adalo Resources

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