Filtering Alphabetically with Airtable (not sorting)

I’m having an issue figuring out what I figure should be pretty easy. Here goes…

I have a list (external database from airtable) with names.

The goal is to filter to only items in that list whose name starts with a certain letter.

I have a horizontal list of the alphabet in a different list above my name list. Upon clicking, the name list should filter to only names that start with the letter that was clicked.

I figure I can create an empty text box and have the click write a letter into the text box. The name list will then be filtered using filterByFormula to the value within the text box.

But what would my filterByFormula look like? Something like:

Search('Text Box Value ',{First Name}) but only for the first letter in {First Name}…hmm

Hi Brian,

You need a New Formula Column in the Names Table that includes this Regex Code :

REGEX_EXTRACT(Name, "\\b[a-zA-Z]")

( In here for the Name add your column name that consists the name of that name )

And then add this Filter in your Names List :

Search(LOWER('Input'),LOWER({Regex formula column}))

( You can add Search('Hawaii', {Field Name}) too but when you create a item that starts with a simple letter and then that name will not show in the list. )

Here’s a video :

Thank you

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Thank you!

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