Filtering External Collection (Airtable) by Input Box / search totally stopped working

My mind is melting, and I’m nearly sure this is a bug but can’t be certain. A custom list of an external collection from Airtable was, until this afternoon, completely functional at allowing a user to search and find the item they were looking for, using this formula:

We have had this function operating on several custom lists on several different screens on several apps without fail for a few months now, and a few paying customers using each. We’re trying very eagerly to ensure that tomorrow morning they don’t become angry, non-paying customers. I’ve asked Adalo for help already a few hours ago when we noticed the problem. Maybe the community can help (geez I miss the Slack group).

Here’s a video of the issue in progress: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Haven’t made any changes to the connection to the external collection, in fact we haven’t touched any part of that feature in a while (and have even copy/pasted it into other apps without any problems). The formula works fine if I hard code a search in there, it only stops functioning if I try to use the input box to filter the search using the formula above. Which again, until a few hours ago, worked just fine for months.

I checked Airtable’s API documentation to make sure nothing changed, and it didn’t (my tests in Adalo assured me of the same). It seems to all come down to the input box no longer wanting to pass text into the custom list’s formula after it’s typed in.

Interestingly enough, when I add text to the input box (which does nothing), then click to a different screen, then navigate back to the search page, the text that remains in the input box manages to filter the list properly. But then modifying the contents of the input box does nothing again (until I navigate away and come back another time).

Any ideas, folks?

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hi @boozappscott , same issue on my side, filtering my Airtable list with the QueryParmater filterByFormula based on a text input from a Search or Selector stoped working… In my console I have the following response. I made some test by typing directly the string I was “searching for” (instead of a magic text input) in my value formula, and no issue. Airtable sends back the correct list. Maybe @Colin from Adalo can help us, do you have any update form your team?

I also tried entering a default value in the Search Text Field, to see if the list loads with the default string value, and yes it works.

I was using the same logic for the past 4 months… and no issue. It just happened a few hours ago.

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I have reproduced the issue and I have sent this through to our development team to look into further.


Thanks @Colin for your reply , looking forward on the update

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@intimur here’s my garbage work-around for now, maybe it’s helpful (we’re still reaaaaally needing Adalo to fix this though, but at least customers aren’t yelling at us anymore):

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Hi @boozappscott , nice work-around. Did something similar as well. For the dropdown selection, I added a “fake” Text Input then a button with the action “change input value” with the input : “Text Input” and value : “Dropdown Selection” … Hoping as well to get a quick fix for my clients

I faced similar instances last year, dating back to Jun 2020, and now am facing the same thing again. I’ll try to see a workaround like you mentioned :frowning:

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I remember one workaround I found. I set up an ‘empty’ action on the Screen settings, so that every time I entered a screen that action would trigger. It didn’t always work, but it alleviated 90% of the issues. For some reason, that action would make Adalo respond to the filter properly.

For search bars, your action button would probably be the best workaround

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