Airtable external collection doesn't show values

Hey folks
I have a problem when I connect and external Airtable conection to Adalo. The conection seems to run well, test success, but then, when I want to pick a value of the collection to included in a text field or whatever, the collection seem to be empty. Then, I tried with the Bookings collection, and it it almost the same, but there appears the calculated fields. Do you know what I am missing? Thanks!

Hey @altaguardia, you’ll have to use a custom list if you want to display the entire list of records.

Individual text and image elements are more for static content, or content on screens for a selected record.

For eg. when someone clicks a specific item on the list of records, they’ll be sent to a page with data corresponding to that record. That’s where you’ll place individual elements on that screen, and use the magic text to pull dynamic data corresponding to that record (for eg. Current Booking).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Look at this, it doesn’t work with list…

Have you selected the “Customer Airtable” list under the “Simple List” section? It’s above the “Title” section on the left panel.

You’ll have to tell Adalo that it’s a list of your Customer Airtable table.

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