Alignment and 'snap' to

I find it increasingly irritating to have to find word-arounds for aligning issues. The red lines that reference other screens loose total reference to basics on that screen, like centre. Placing text over image distorts the size of the image and the lack of rulers are all alignment issues that destroy valuable time. I love Adalo, but I’m starting to think that the comments and queries of other users on this matter is being ignored.


Hi Charles,

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You can use the Rectangle as a Container for alignment too! Most people use this trick.

This post by Victor also will be helpful!

I share your frustrations.

Both with the editor alignment/snap, and with the lack of attention basic usability, stability and performance is getting from the developers/management at Adalo. Tutorials on how to work layouts are useless when the problem isn’t understanding how it works, but in the fact that actually working in the editor requires an extreme amount of patience due to it’s laggyness, buggyness, and inconsistency.

I’m relatively new here, but if you look through the Forum, you’ll see the long-time power-users have been pleading for 2 years+ for some kind of major performance and basic core functionality overhaul, and yet nothing.

This thread will, too, likely putter out after a few replies and the next thing we hear from Adalo will be about the launch of another big useless “feature” that no-one really wanted or needed, but that somehow their “research” told them was critical, and which doesn’t work right even if you did want to use it.

I will say this, though - For me, all of this frustration ultimately is paying off. What you can build with Adalo if you put your mind to it is just about limitless. I hope that I’ve come on board at a time where real positive change is just around the corner, and I hope we’re not all still begging for basics 2 more years from now. Best advice I could give is take breaks every now and then, use the power of this forum to help you solve the problems you can, and just work around or accept the ones you can’t.

And, replying to other people’s complaint posts can be really cathartic, too :wink:


So this is in response to the containers suggestion, which, despite being posted from a good heart, no doubt, has cost me another few hours with no success.

This is using the bottom anchored triangles as ‘containers’. View from Adalo page.

Above is on my device

Above is the pre-view
Can somebody please tell me what is going on here. I’m pulling my hair out.

And btw…I am on the paid subscription of $50 per month. Come on guys! There’s a problem.
I’m not saying its a bad product…in fact its one of the best. But this issue is going to cost Adalo if they can’t get it sorted.
Oh and posting on here…you have to put the pictures in back to front order.WTF?

Alignment Tip - Text Boxes & Images:

Just to save others the painful frustration text and image alignment: ONE of the many alignment problems is when incorporating fluid text boxes or images(particularly when layering text over an image). Fluid text boxes are those that automatically scale according to font size and type as well as screen size. When there is an overflow in a text box, that shift into the next line causes a vertical shift of the items below it and, in many cases, causes a grouped image (or image in parallel) to enlarge in order to facilitate the increase.
Also, keep reasonable distance between images that have inline text (by desire). Gaps smaller than around 20px cause merging of images and size changes of images surrounding them. Particularly on devices smaller than 375 in width.

Anyway…use it or loose it. There’s my two cents worth.

Don’t bother with the anchoring of a triangle to the bottom to secure positioning. It does not work.