What is the best way to align elements in the app editor?

Is there a way to turn on a grid overlay in the app editor? How do I align my various elements, relative to each other, accurately?

For example, if I place 3 text fields one below the other, how do I space them exactly equally? Right now I’m just eyeballing it, which doesn’t seem like the best practice.

Hi @MikesClub :wave:

You can align them with the Red Lines showing in the Editor.

Thank you

You want like this right?

If you want like this I will tell you.
And you can adjust the colors.

Thank you

Alignment is not a strong point in Adalo, but if you can zoom in enough, the component will snap more granularly, the good thing is we can zoom to very deep, so we can see clearly even the small sized components.

Other tip is to use keyboard to measure the distance.

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