Alignment issues on iPhone SE

It’s the little things that drive us mad, right!?

I have an audio player that shows as perfectly centered in the editor, perfectly centered in my PWA preview on all phones, perfectly centered on my Android builds (when I can build them), but on my test iPhone here at home, everything is off to the left just a BIT. We’re probably off-center by about 1/8" of an inch. Just enough to make my eye twitch.

I’ve tried dropping clear rectangles to the right and left of my player, manually assigning the EXACT pixel width of the player via component grouping, and more. The end result is always the same…

I welcome any tips or tricks you all can offer. Nudging something by a few pixels and kicking off another app build, configuring it for TestFlight and so on, just to see no change… :poop: Suffice it to say I’m open to ideas! Thanks.

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