Image Alignment? Something Changed?

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image In PWA

Now all my images in 3 Apps, and around 220 Screens look like this.

Any ideas?

I havent changed anything my side. It seems as though the image frame is no longer responsive and is stuck to a certain side?

Hey Dilon, load this up on your phone - not on the browser.

I am speaking with the Adalo team, and it may be associated with an update to the image frame component today. I’ll update the forum when I hear back or they may also.

Ok Keith I will check with my phone

Ah yes. It happened to me also now.

Does this affect all your Apps?

I have checked this with my test app and I will test other apps and let you know.

This has been resolved by the Adalo team within a couple of hours of identifying. Great work.

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Great. Thanks for telling

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