All Day Event for App

Hey everyone,

for my app I need to add appointments. There could be appointments like “2nd Dec - 14th Dec” as well as “2nd Dec 2pm - 2nd Dec 3pm”. This works well for me.

Now my problem: How to create an “All Day event” that is like going from 3rd Dec 0:00am - 11 59pm"?

I can’t select some sort of “start of the day” in the date picker to figure out how many seconds to subtract to get to 0am.

Any ideas how to get this “all day event”?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @mazze ,

I have explained here,

What I did is to use Date only (not date time) as date field and then use timezone to offset that fraction.


Hi Yongki,

thanks a lot - I’ll give it a try later that day but it looks like a very good solution for my problem :slight_smile:

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Great, hope it is suitable.

I am tinkering about calendar, so much demand regarding this, and so many variations for use cases, and quite complicated.

But, it should be worthy.

I will be releasing in the coming week for free. :grinning:

Hey, your explanation worked perfectly… well except for one thing:

On the Web PWA i get the date from 0 am - 11.59 pm exact as it is supposed to be, BUT: on the native iOS Build i get irritating results: every “full day event” is on the selected date but starts at a random time (e.g. "event one on 3am, event 2 on 4pm, etc) and from that on the 23.59hrs.

Any idea what could be wrong? When I let users select a appointment via “date & time” picker component it works well (selected time and date are same on both PWA and iOS)

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