Can anyone help with the Calendar?

Hi guys,

I’ve implemented the calendar function into my app and have created date & time events to be listed. They appear on the calendar as dots under the correct days but nothing happens when I click on the days with the dots.

I’ve set a linking action for both the single dot days and the multi event agenda days but to no avail. I’ve read the Adalo help documents and searched for other tutorials but still can’t work it out. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Many thanks,

I managed to get it working in the end by deleting the calendar component and adding it again. In case anyone has a similar issue the old off/on again seemed it work :slight_smile:

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Hi Ash,

When a component doesn’t work, the best thing to do before submitting a ticket is deleting the component and re-adding it, also if that doesn’t work, refreshing the editor could help.

Thanks James, I literally just edited my comment to say I’d deleted it and it worked haha

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