Allowing users to upload images for their entries

I’m trying to allow users to upload one picture with each entry. But when i went to make a form with the image upload, it will only “create” instead of the “update” options. I do have the right available data, but i feel the form doesn’t allow not creating. so curious how the image upload works

What I’m trying to do is have the user click an icon, and that brings up the option from the device to upload a pic, vs having to go to another screen to do it.

Is this possible?
If not, then how would I allow a user to upload an image but as an update vs creating a whole new entry?



I’m wanting the user to click this icon and their device will ask for a picture. Vs going to another screen. Just curious if that’s possible yet and how to do it?

but also if not then how to update an image to a user entry vs creating new.

Hi @marklive ,

To do update, you need to have available data, which comes from list, so whenever we have link action of the component inside the list, the linked screen will get available data, and if we use form, it can show update option.

The exception is when we update logged in user, it is available everywhere on the screens. (after login)


That worked sort of. I have some collection issues i need to fix now. I believe I can get it, will update if not.

It’s now only showing a text form vs the image form. lol

I want it to show this but only shows up if I create NEW:

When I switch it to UPDATE it only shows this:

I can’t figure out how to get UPDATE for the image uploader now. Any help please? thanks

I figured it out to getting it working. Now I just need to figure out if I have the correct way in collections of how this works going forward.

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