Upload Image Bug

Hey everyone!

I have a two step process for signing a user up to my app. The first page contains basic information they need to fill out, when i move to the second page it has the option to upload an image for the users profile picture.

When I upload or choose a photo from my library the photo never uploads it just continues to spin and it’s not letting me click the continue button to finish creating my profile.

Anyone know how to fix this issue or is this a bug with Adalo?

Hi @ajpicard913 ,

On first screen, have you put sign up action ?

On second screen, you can use update logged in user or use built-in form to upload image, I preferred the later.

On the first page I have the button signing the user up, on the second page I can’t even tap the complete button in the form because when i upload a picture or take one i get a spinning dial see attached.

In the users collection, did you see the signed up user ?

The screens seems correct, so another thought would be to try to use jpg, see what happens.

And you can always submit support ticket.

All of my apps wont let pictures load

There are quite a few posts like this now, same for me - I think it’s a bug, the admins will respond soon :slight_smile:

@HusMurad @CopyThat

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