An app similar to Babyist


I am wondering if it’s possible to create something similar to Babylist using Adalo. The functionality I am looking for is for a user to create select a list of products I have in my catalog to add to their registry. Then they can share links with their family and friends who can see what products remain to buy, and what was bought. Thank you in advace!

Yes you can create this type of app on Adalo. This is exactly what Adalo does best actually.

@dijumrah Actually not really. The ability to share deep links isn’t yet available. i.e. You’d be able to create the list no problem however you wont be able to sharing the list with other people e.g. through email (so they click on a link and go to the list).

That functionality is coming though apparently.


Thank you for the candid response @speakupboy!

Would you able to guess when it will be coming? I checked the Feature Request page but I didn’t see anything related.