An Embedded page at a says invalid password or email

I keep getting this message when I want to preview my app even after restarting a new project. Can anyone advise, please?

Message support they will help you!

New tab (

I did so they said it would take 24-48 hours and in the meantime to ask on the forum maybe someone may have a solution. So thank you I guess, I will have to wait to hear from them.

Hi Dini,

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: :partying_face:

Could you take a screenshot of the error you are getting?

Thank you for the welcome.

Please find the attachment.

This shows up if I am trying to signup or log in.

Could you send a clone link for your app so I could try it myself?

So I am kinda new to this, please explain what a clone link is?

It’s a link that enables anyone with the link to clone your app, you could turn this off anytime.

You could see it in settings, in the editor, then “app access”. :slight_smile:

Do you mean this?

Yes! I’m seeing if it works right now…

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Yeah it doesn’t work for me either.

Do you mind if you take a screen recording of the users collection and the form for signing up the user?

In the developer console it’s giving out this error.

The thing is I tried to open another account with a different email thinking it would help but the same thing happens.

Guess I will have to wait till they come back to me.

Could you delete all the users in your users collection then try again?

Thank you very much for trying.

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I did that at first. Then I went and deleted that project and started a very new one. and even tried opening a new account with a different account and it is all the same.

I noticed that sign-up has “Log-In” stuff did you make formwork with the sign-up process, not the log-in process?

@Andile I would delete the signup form and add it again but make sure it says “signup” for the logged in user. :slight_smile:

I am actually not sure which type of form I did but on the notes, I did state that in both instances I get the same problem.

Do this


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