Frustrating login problem

Hello all!

New to Adalo and having a great time so far using it. I’m highly considering using it to build my product instead of creating it from scratch (code).

However, I came across a problem that is quite annoying and I’ve looked around and seemed to have found several users having encounter this problem previously.

I cannot login the app.

Whether the user has been created directly in the database with the credentials testuser pw:password OR whether the user has been created with the login form with different credential. I get the following modal: An embedded page at says: Invalid email or password. Please double-check the information you provided and try again.

things to note here:

  • My account creation works pretty well.
  • I have a log-out button that works well
  • New accounts login directly, but inaccessible after using the log out - I get the error modal meaning that the account is not accessible anyone.

I have tried pretty much everything and spent countless hours on this.

How did any of you fix this error?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @LuisNavarro ,


Your previewer link is not complete, you might want to share again.

Have you ever successfully make the app do login ?

Is this happening just now ?

If you are sure what you are doing is correct, then you can submit support ticket here,

The support team is excellent.

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The Email and Password that you entered is correct right? The same information that stored in the Database.

Is it possible to send a video of the preview or maybe the App’s Preview URL?

Thanks for the replies!

I managed to fix my problem. I forgot to mention that I was trying to login with the username instead of e-mail.

I fixed it with custom text field as seen in this thread.

Thanks once again for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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