Analytics not updating after paying for Subscription

Hi All,

Any one has the idea, that what went wrong as I am not able to see analytics (except sign up users) after paying the subscription fee.

Snapshot is attached for reference. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Post this in the “Help” area of the forums.

Yes , changed type to “help”

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Hi @k86305,

If I understand you correctly you’re saying that after paying for a paid plan the analytics don’t show any data?

I think there is a bug that there is no data showing up for the analytics tab.

Please submit a support ticket.

Hi James,

Yes you are right, that after payment of paid plan, I was not able to see analytics.

But after 3 days it started showing all analytics. Don’t know why took this much time.

Thanks for your help for looking into this case. Appreciated.

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