I have a paid plan but its requesting me to pay again to create a custom action

So, I paid 2 weeks ago and if I go to my profile I can see I have a paid plan but when I try to create a custom action it seems I need to pay a plan, so I dont want to pay 2 times heehe

Submitting a support ticket to the Adalo Team will help you. They should reply within 24 - 48 hours on weekdays.

thanks James!
I just did it…

So sad because today I have time to manage this and I wanted to finish that part… and now I will need to wait an extra week… EXTRA week where I am paying it =’)

@esuarez You should be all fixed up now! I will follow up in the ticket on Monday for some more info, but you should have access again.

@ben1 , yes, now its fixed, I had to log out,


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