Android Build fails - anyone the same Problems?



Hi @MichaelApp

Please check the forum before posting. We have many posts with similar messages. We even had one today.

This is a known issue. You have to keep trying. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Also, when you get that error, please open a ticket with Adalo support and send them all the details.

If the error continues, some users have gone all the way to rebuild the app and that made a difference.

That said, don’t do that yet. Keep trying and send all the details to Adalo support.

@charleshope I have not had any errors all this time…why would errors suddenly appear for no reason. Likewise, I send everything to support, very detailed and detailed. The first message that always comes please describe your problem again…no this is not support…then I wait 24 hours then comes the next question and after 5 days the problems still exist, although they are not from me.

I will not delete my app and rebuild it completely. I do not throw away hours of work.

The errors are in the uploaded images

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