Day 5 and iOS builds are still failing


My builds are still failing and still no word from support.

You logged a support ticket?

I usually get a response back within 12-24hrs…

Yes, I did it Friday. Still no word from support.

My builds fail after 2 mins, every single time. Going on almost 15 builds in a row.

This is getting ridiculous, every single month there are build issues and Adalo takes forever to respond about it. The community is tired of the lack of communication from Adalo.

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Hey there @marklive

Adalo took the weekend off. We all had to find that out when we were all submitting tickets Friday morning from the custom formula issue that we were facing.

@ben1 stated that they were going to discuss ways to better handle weekend support tickets.

I know this doesn’t help the build failing situation that you’re facing, just wanted to share a little info from this past weekend that the voices of the community has been heard, and hopefully something will be implemented to help us on weekends when problems arise.

My ticket was replyed after 12 hours. And a developer contacted me directly and is working on my build errors.

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Theses errors are strange. It seems I cant build new apps. I even copied a working app that I perfectly build 10 minutes ago. I copied the whole app, build it. and ERROR.

Hey Mark,

I just wanted to hop in and clarify, we are working on this ticket, and have been in contact with you about the issue. I understand that not having a resolution yet is frustrating. We are working with the dev team to get more insight here, but I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to say that you have had no word from support.

I will bump the team again for additional info.


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