Android new build is not showing images!

Hello All,

Wondering if anyone is facing this issue, I have just created new app builds on both IOS and Android, and noticed that on Android all images are not loading, just an empty space !!!

it is happening only on images with URL as image source
adalo images android issue

it seems like a platform issue since this is like my zillion build and did not see it before, and already tried it on 2 Android phones

Hello Mohmdfawzi!

I’m having several issues with my iOS Testflight build – not exactly this one, but it crashes and it’s not showing an icon across several screens.

I wrote the Adalo customer support team as well as the Apple Developer program customer support.
I’ll keep you posted when I hear something. Because your issue is with Android, perhaps it is an issue with Adalo.

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Oh sorry for that
But you are right on IOS I noticed few crashes recently which never ever happened before for me

Hopefully Adalo can fix this ASAP :pray:

Guys please … anyone facing this images issue ? on any app did anyone manage to publish android with images using URL as source? it is not working anymore !!!

Hey @mohmdfawzi,

We have responded to your ticket with an update. Please keep in mind we are a small team and creating multiple conversations for the same issue only splits our time and decreases the quality of support we are able to provide.

I will be closing this topic. Anyone experiencing the same behavior should submit a new support ticket so we can properly keep track of this.


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