Android builds failing? Anyone else experiencing this?

Android builds been failing for the past 15+ hours
Anyone else experiencing this?

Hello, according to , there’s no current issues with android builds. If you’re still experiencing an issue, you can send a support ticket through this link: Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you!

There is definitely an issue on Adalo side. Android Builds Failing + Stripe Components not working on iOS Builds

Its probably the weekend and they will look into it tomorrow

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I just built for iOS and Android yesterday, and no issues.

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Yes as @charleshope said, I also created android build and there’s no errors. So @Mohammed It’s better to send a support ticket, because maybe the error is from your app’s side.

Thank you!

Thanks @Ali-Bazzi, I did submit the ticket 2 days ago but with no response just yet.

@Ali-Bazzi @charleshope
Do you guys have Stripe components in your app?
I checked the Android build errors - seem to all be issues pulling image data from Adalo servers.

No Stripe elements on my side. Many images on my app.

Cool, thanks for the quick response @charleshope
I will wait for Adalo team to look into it, we did not do any changes to our app that would cause this kind of problem, but lets see.

Here is a snapshot from the Error on the Android Builds - seems to be linked to our static images on the app.

Just did a deeper analysis, seems that there is a problem accessing static images hosted on imgix through Adalo.
Issue only seen on Android builds, not on iOS

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Same thing for me… iOS BUILD

Android failures? Haven’t been able to publish for two days. CS hasn’t replied as of yet.

The iOS issue with Stripe didn’t allow me to publish for a few days. CS finally got back to me and told me they were looking into it, but the issue was somehow already resolved and I’ve been able to publish iOS builds once again.

Yes. I am able to make iOS Builds, but the stripe component situation is killing me. Its not working on iOS builds which is super strange - never had this issue before.

Works fine on PWA…

I’m just happy it didn’t allow the app to be published or I may have made it public and w/o Stripe working, my app is dead in the water.

Same here - so lucky I did not publish it without checking

Got lucky this time around

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Published OK on Android once, now getting errors. Continuous errors on iOS. Very frustrating as I am unable to move forward for clients who are starting to get impatient.

It is shocking to me that Adalo team are dead silent about this for 3+ days

I received a reply from CS saying they’re aware of the issue, but do not have a timeframe on when it will be resolved.

Same here - it is worrying that the status page is showing everything is operational …


I received a reply from the support team

It seems they are some trouble with thé Admob Component