🐒 Animated Tabs | New Component from NoCode Monkey!

Hey Everyone,
There’s a new component from NoCode Monkey!!
Also, if you buy it by July 15th you’ll get a free Hover & Shake Button or Number Picker!!!

Animated Tabs

  • Animated tabs with Chip or Underline styling
  • Many use cases: filter/dislay lists, surveys answers, etc
  • Up to 7 chips
  • So many styling options

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@Michael love this! I have been making my own tab bars from scratch to get this type of styling and look. This will make my life so much easier and declutter the pages in the editor where I have them! Thanks For this! I have quite of a few of your components and I’m excited to add this to the list! Is in the marketplace or shall I purchase from nocodemonkey website!


It’s currently only on our site. It’s the only way we can do the 2 for 1 deal at the moment (we aren’t able to do that in the marketplace).

Glad you like the component.

Another great aspect about this one is that the animation can hide any loading delays when switching between lists/images/etc. I’m already using it in some of my live projects and its made the whole thing so much smoother (I guess I’m a little biased though, haha)

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Every component I have gotten from you has performed perfectly as it should and improved functionality of my apps. It’s honestly amazing that a component so simple, that’s solves a big problem, adds extreme value to any app/project I use them in!

Keep ‘em coming! You got a lifetime customer right here!

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I do have one question, does the hover button offer tool tips?

It does not have tooltips, but that’s a good idea for an added feature.
I’ll look into it. (no promises)

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That is really great to hear! Thank you.

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Here’s some of our early feedback about the component in case you were wondering.

Thanks @pford
Glad you like it.


+1 ! Just see it installed in my builder… an absolutely awesome component!

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Thanks @iAppsNi
So happy it’s working for you!!