🐒 Scrollable List | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

Something new from NoCode Monkey!!

Scrollable List

  • List scrolls instead of expanding
  • Fit your list in a specific area
  • Border and rounding option
  • Similar to Adalo’s “Simple List”

See Demo

Time Picker (13)


oh thats nice! will it work with search field outside of the scroll field so its permanent on top?

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Check the demo again. I just added the search bar. It’s not permanently on top, but it does work.

Hello I need to make some components … where can I send you the info

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Yes me too Michael .These features are needed to my app :innocent: Michael I send you a message through that contact screen in the website.

But Micheal No response. :neutral_face:

I really appreciate your help and effort :blush:

Thank you :blush:

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Hey @Santiago and @dilon_perera,

You can send me a DM here. I’d love to help out if I can.

Sorry if I missed your message before @dilon_perera. We get a lot of requests. I’m trying to keep up. Haha.

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No Problem Michael :innocent:. Ok Michael I will send a message . Thank Michael :blush:

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Hello Michael, I could use a new component. A simple block that shows text lines after lines.

“This is the first textline” (stays on screen for x seconds) then changes to next line “THis is the second textline” and so on. For 3-5 text lines. Is that possible? Like the Loading screens in computer games when they display tipps while loading.

We could create a component like this but I think it’s equally possible to create this with a combination of countdown timers, text components, and visibility rules or links.

Feel free to DM me with more details if there’s something I’m not quite understanding.

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Hi @Michael

Thank you for the component. I have purchased it for the web app, but I am getting a “Missing component” error when previewed. Is there anything I can do to solve this?


This should go away when you refresh your screen. Let me know if it doesn’t.

In the editor, it is appearing fine, but in the preview, even after refresh it still shows the error!

This seems like an Adalo issue (we haven’t made any changes to the component).
I suggest submitting a ticket to them. I will also send them a message to have them check it out.

Sadly, they won’t get to it until Monday US time.

Okay thanks Michael I will make sure to send them a ticket. Will post updates soon.

@Michael Hi Michael, the scrollable list component is now working! I decided to try it again and it worked without doing anything!

I have a question: Is it possible to limit the number of items shown in the list? Because I have a collection with over 400 items, and I am planning to divide them into 6 scrollable components but it is taking some time to load all the items which is slowing the app.