🐒 Scrollable List | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone,

Something new from NoCode Monkey!!

Scrollable List

  • List scrolls instead of expanding
  • Fit your list in a specific area
  • Border and rounding option
  • Similar to Adalo’s “Simple List”

See Demo

Time Picker (13)


oh thats nice! will it work with search field outside of the scroll field so its permanent on top?

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Check the demo again. I just added the search bar. It’s not permanently on top, but it does work.

Hello I need to make some components … where can I send you the info

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Yes me too Michael .These features are needed to my app :innocent: Michael I send you a message through that contact screen in the website.

But Micheal No response. :neutral_face:

I really appreciate your help and effort :blush:

Thank you :blush:

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Hey @Santiago and @dilon_perera,

You can send me a DM here. I’d love to help out if I can.

Sorry if I missed your message before @dilon_perera. We get a lot of requests. I’m trying to keep up. Haha.

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No Problem Michael :innocent:. Ok Michael I will send a message . Thank Michael :blush:

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Hello Michael, I could use a new component. A simple block that shows text lines after lines.

“This is the first textline” (stays on screen for x seconds) then changes to next line “THis is the second textline” and so on. For 3-5 text lines. Is that possible? Like the Loading screens in computer games when they display tipps while loading.

We could create a component like this but I think it’s equally possible to create this with a combination of countdown timers, text components, and visibility rules or links.

Feel free to DM me with more details if there’s something I’m not quite understanding.

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