Any way to make progress bars?

There’s a feature in development for progress bars, which would be a great addition to Adalo. But I’m guessing this could take a couple of months to complete given the number of things in progress:

In the meantime, does anyone know of any tricks I could use to emulate a progress bar, say using bar charts, percentages, or the rectangle shape?

Hi @AddyEdwin
I have seen that stuff …but I couldnt say how it could be “diverted” to serve as a “rough” progress bar alternativ meanwhile 0 <> 50 <> 100%
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I think you can have a progress bar using the web view component and

html tags, and getting the “progress %” using magic text. For this web view, you’ll have to use the data:text/html;charset=utf-8, I think
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Thanks guys for the ideas, didn’t think of these :smiley: .I’ll try these out

please, let know what came out best for you… :grin: