Do progress bars work consistently for others?

I’ve noticed that progress bars failed to load properly and show zero progress in my app. Even when just placed on page using fixed values (to eliminate possible causes with nested lists and dynamic values). they show as blank MOST of the time. Refreshing will often fix the issue, but it will sometimes take many refreshes.

I am running in preview mode only at the moment. I don’t know if that makes a difference. Are others experiencing this issue?

Straight progress bar and circular both working fine for me :+1:

Complex calcs and nested lists will go :exploding_head:… The device is doing the work, not Adalo servers.

What’s your setup? Paste a screenshot :+1:

Weird. The original page had a nested list, but only 3 top level items with 2-4 children each. Not exactly taxing. 2 progress bars in each child.

I stripped it back though and even a progress bar before the lists is struggling.

I’m finding Adalo very slow today though. Maybe something isn’t loading. Must be the internets way of telling me to stop for dinner.


Bon appetit!
Send me a preview link and I will take it for a spin.

That’s really kind @Rozza I might take you up on that. I have real client data in there though so cant just share at the moment.

Definitely something odd going on. Same thing today, so can’t blame poor connection or similar. I can see something isn’t loading, but adalo code has so many JavaScript errors in it anyway it’s hard to see what is happening. I suspect there are race condition issues to be honest, but that shouldn’t be a consideration when using a no code tool.

It’s weird though.Works perfectly on first load of a browser session, but reload or navigate away and come back and it fails every time. Video here if anyone is curious

I think my short term answer is to delete all the progress bars and have ugly text % outputs, which is a shame. This tool is currently for my personal use only, so that isn’t the end of the world, but I’ll have to come back to it.

Is this your home screen?

If not, navigate from the home screen forward, I suspect missing data.
Check the Network tab in inspector, see what records are returned when you nav back and forward versus refresh.

Are the progress bars displaying just a value or are the running a calc?

I put text outputs alongside for testing and the values are definitely there. I also replaced with fixed values and had the same problem.

I’ve deleted them now anyway as I can’t justify the time I am spending on a tiny UI element. I’m now trying to do another equally basic thing and getting nowhere equally fast. Definitely not feeling the Adalo love today (despite the great community)

Those days :rage:

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