Anyone integrated white label AI into adalo before

Hi there,

I don’t know if anyone else finds this but chatgpt feels slow to produce a response and I wanted to know if anyone has had success integrating other white label ai software into adalo. I’m looking generally at a fitness niche but chatgpt’s seem to be lacking

ChatGPT is mostly for research (as they say in their website) > though many businesses use OpenAi API. My experience confirms this, as it’s not reliable enough to produce a solid product.

I used it for a few months back in December / Jan and become extremely frustrated as they grew their platform… slower responses, more down time and just turned my start up into more of a demo product that was hit or miss at best. At that point I was getting 400-500 new users per day… I went into the OpenAi forums and read similar users talk… I quickly learned that if you are serious about using AI for a real product you go with Azure’s (Microsoft’s OpenAi Cloud) business instance… Azure has a much more robust infrastructure… the AI is exactly the same just better cloud systems in place to support growth. Since then, not once has my app been down due to API outage… 3 months later and using GPT 4 32k API.

My responses have also come down from 15-30s to just under 8 seconds. So in short, OpenAi API is not business ready … I’m sure you have seen the many emails each week of some sort of outage.

Sign up with Azure and save yourself the hassle.

Hi @iAppsNi

Did you follow a tutorial to add it to adalo or is it one I’ll have to workout on my own.


Hey, I done it myself. It’s similar API set up to OpenAi. Unfortunately I don’t have a tutorial made

In terms of Json is it similar to chatgpt or would you be able to copy it here


I have found that they just offer chatgpt’s services. Can you explain the difference as looking at pricing I’m using gpt api with a different brand.

Am I missing something?


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