Help fixing chatgpt adalo compoennt

Hi there, I’ve been building an app and have been trying to use chatgpt custom actions through adalo’s component. I lost and had to change the open ai API key that my app was using. Now when I try and get a response nothing happens and when I look into the actual test runs of the component its using a different api key, shown below.

Do you have billing setup on your OpenAI account? This might be one of the reasons it’s giving an error.

I had the same issue. Not sure why the API key isn’t flowing through.

I just made a new custom action with the Open AI API and it worked fine. Just cant use the built in Adalo integration at this time (for me at least)

Hello, please make sure that you have activated and completed the payment information in Open Ai because sometimes the integration won’t work until you complete your payment info in Open Ai.

Thank you!


Thanks, but that was not it. There is a bug in Adalo that if you change your API key the Adalo key is not changing.

Thanks for the tip though. Like I said, I just used a custom action to connect to the API so the account was not the issue.

I did the same to fix mine.

If you guys are having issues with the native integration there is always a ChatGPT component available in the marketplace :laughing:

i think i am good but thanks i figured out an alternative as everyone is saying just create a new API action

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