API Authentication


just want to seek assistance in the community if my understanding is correct for this API documentation.
This is their Python Code sample to generate the Signature

the dev team just gave us Access Key and Secret key.

do we just need to convert the secret key to a base64 encode ?

since their request authorization is like this


I followed this but it keeps getting error.

also I just used a generic base64 encode generator https://www.base64encode.net/ to convert.

Hi @Biboy,

I believe you won’t be able to do this in Adalo alone, you’ll have to use some external service to sign requests.
I did similar things using Integromat, though I’m not sure if this will work in your case. Is it a Oauth1? or some other method?

Best regards, Victor.

Upon further checking the Python code I sent was the code to generate the “signature” and the signature function will generate the Base64 encoded string for us to use , we manage to generate it. Unfortunately, it is a Geolocation limitation from the API and we are just waiting for them to update for our location.

Hoping it will work with adalo once we get the update from them :slight_smile: