NEW USER: Trouble Setting up external Data Source

Hey people! I am new to the party and making my first steps in Adalo. I just (today) pruchased a pro plan but I am running into trouble with authenticating an external collection.

Here is the thing: I am using the REST API to connect to an existing database running on a Filemaker System. GET ALL and everything is working, I can connect the collection, but I have three problems I want to solve:

  1. Filemaker uses a Basic econded Auth and returns a token, that will be valid for 15 after the last intereaction. At the moment I can only authenticate when I generated a token outside of adalo (in Postman) and then copy pasted it into the Header Info. Of course this is a bit dumb and there must be a better way. Can I write a global variable?

  2. Using Custom functions would be great, but the dialogue crashes as soon as I copy paste text into the fields. How is that inteded to be used? Edit the JSON in that field?

  3. Do I really have to manually create the header for every custom request I am creating?

Cheers! Help is much appreciated!

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