API Error: Something went wrong

I’m getting this error when trying to load the API documentation.

Hey @greg_noobdiscs and everyone else viewing this, apologies for having to do this, but at the moment we’ve had to pause any calls to the new Collections API feature.

While this was not the root cause of the outages yesterday, we want to pause any calls to the Collections API for now to give our database more bandwidth. Basically what was happening yesterday was that all of the saves were backed up with all of the apps, so increasing the bandwidth means the saves will continue to be instantaneous. (To be clear, your Custom Actions and External Collections functionality is still running the same as normal it’s just the new Collections API access we paused.)

Right now our dev team is still working hard to make changes with everything here so this is only temporary. We’ll update you when the Collections API is no longer paused. We’re also going to be posting a longer game plan here moving forward to let you all know what we’re doing to insure that everything is in tip-top shape.

We understand this has to be frustrating, so we wanted to thank you all you for being so understanding and supportive throughout this.


Update! The Collections API is back on.

We’ll have a much longer & detailed post about everything that happened and everything we’re doing long term from an infrastructure & performance standpoint sometime later this week, but everything is back on & running smoothly.

I’d also like to thank our dev team for working extremely hard to resolve this issue.


Thanks you @David and the entire Adalo team for this update and commitment to future updates/plans.

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@David, I think there might be a bug if someone includes a / in their collection name.

In the first example, my collection name was “Disc Stamps / Series” and whenever I would try to load the API documentation it would throw an error that couldn’t find the “Disc Stamps” token which lead me to believe the / was causing an issue.

I then updated the name of the collection to simply “Disc Stamps Series” and it worked.

Just passing along!



Thanks for reporting that Greg. I made a note for the team!

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